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Thank you for supporting the work we do at the Kingston YMCA Farm Project.  Together we can build a more just food system, empower the next generation of anti-racists, food activists, cooks, and stewards of the land.   Here is how your donation impacts our programs:

$50 covers the cost of ingredients for a Cooking Crew session

$100 pays for an expert to teach a workshop to our youth crew

$150 enables a public school class to experience a farm-based field trip

$250 pays two weeks of a youth crew member's wages

$500 supplies us with organic, non-GMO seeds for a season

$1,000 covers the cost of one youth farm crew member for a 6 week session


Want to send us a check instead?

Make checks payable to Kingston YMCA Farm Project

Mail to: 

Attention: Farm Project
507 Broadway
Kingston, NY 12401

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